Toybox Fightsters

Toybox Fightsters logo

(From left to right) - Convict, Caveman, Cat, Doctor Badman, Alien

(From left to right) - Luchador, Knight, Devil, Gentleman, Gladiator

(From left to right) - Ninja, Pirate, Samurai, Highlander, Viking


Toybox Fightsters was my final game project during my time at AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment). It was an isometric 3D brawling game featuring a number of different customisable characters.

As the art lead on the team I was required to create the 20+ unique character textures in addition to the UI, various weapons and environment textures and overseeing the art creating as a whole. As a result of our short 14-week development cycle I only had one week to create the final textures for these characters.

Game Art, Video Games